Has there ever been a good musical about science?

Please let me know if you can think of one!

Of course there are lots of Science Fiction musicals, including Be More Chill, on Broadway right now. When I went looking on-line for “Science Musicals” I got things like “Young Frankenstein” and “Jekyll & Hyde”, which I don’t think that anyone born after 1900 would call “science” anymore, or things that were not science at all, like Extra Sensory Perception. Seriously?

Of course there is “Nerds” (the Musical Dot Comedy), which I actually saw at NYMF (2005) during it’s original run, and which I thought was absolutely hysterical. And then “Numbers Nerds”, also at NYMF (2017), which is really about math, but since, you know, math and science are really the same thing, I think it counts.

And now Black Hole Wedding! At NYMF! Our show is satire, but the science it contains is real (or as real as we can make it), as we hope to demonstrate in the near future.

So maybe NYMF is really the New York Theater Music Festival… for Science!


Paul NelsonComment