We are assembling the creative team!

Musicals are the most creative art form. Having a collaborator is like having a “work spouse” before the term was invented.

And now we need to expand the family to include general managers, a director and an entire design team (sets, lights, sound, costumes). If this sounds scary, it’s because it is. I mean, what if you get it wrong and your director wants to turn your light, upbeat musical comedy into Wuthering Heights? The whole process is fraught with worry. It is also distressing like dating. It makes me want to create a tinder app for theater. Swipe right: here’s our script and songs. Swipe left, sorry, I just recently got in a long term relationship with another show..

But there are moments. After all, we talk a lot about the show with lots of people, and this really helps. Small nuggets pop out, like how the ending might be strengthened, or how better to talk about the show.

”It’s ‘How to Succeed in Business’ for renewable energy nerds.” Is my favorite one liner so far.

So the hunt continues. We’ll let you know as soon as we get two swipe rights!

Paul NelsonComment